We are FP365

In the early phases of envisioning and planning for what fp365 would become, we frequently used the phrase “building an army” and that is exactly what we set out to do. Going in, we knew many who shared our passion for preserving families; for elevating adoptee voices and listening to original families and the paths … Continue reading We are FP365

Coercion and Adoption

Below are several examples of common, coercive practices carried out by adoption agents, agencies, social workers, and the church. It’s crucial we’re aware of the ways in which pregnant women in our country are targeted and coerced into losing their children so that we may effectively fight together for family preservation.    Coercion in Domestic … Continue reading Coercion and Adoption

Why Family Preservation?

When discussing family preservation we are often met with questions and pushback. Here, we’ve provided some helpful responses when fielding questions specific to family preservation vs. adoption. These are intended to be used as tools when having these critical conversations so that we may better educate society.   What about the mothers who don’t want … Continue reading Why Family Preservation?