We are FP365

In the early phases of envisioning and planning for what fp365 would become, we frequently used the phrase “building an army” and that is exactly what we set out to do. Going in, we knew many who shared our passion for preserving families; for elevating adoptee voices and listening to original families and the paths they’ve walked. So, while we had no guarantees of growth, we invited you to join forces with us. Your likes and shares on social media bring a stabilization and continued renewal of hope for what fp365 will accomplish as we work together. 

What we have learned is that the fp365 community is ultimately about love in action. Preserving families is founded in love. It’s about support, encouragement, togetherness, and faith in people; all of which are excellent descriptors of love. 

That we have grown to the point of having community leads around the country speaks volumes about fp365 and the amount of love each of us has to give. We have found leaders who are willing to live out what it means to support vulnerable families by engaging in their communities, providing resources and educational tools, and emboldening mothers and fathers. Ours are leaders who effectively demonstrate love in action. 

The response to our ask, that some of you step forward to take the lead in your area, has been astounding. 

This is not easy work; the resistance to truth and the constant misunderstanding is a daily battle. But we persist. You persist. You armor yourselves in love and we appreciate you. 

We are all Family Preservation 365. 

This month we’ll begin introducing you to some of our Community Leads and remind you that we are still looking for more. We have grown and will continue growing because we have work to do. 

For every like, comment, and share; for all of your support and commitment to preserving families with us…thank you. 

As we close out this year, we are overwhelmed at the impact we’ve made and the community we’ve built. Good things are ahead for you, for us, and for families around the world.


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