Love in Action

When we launched fp365, we asked you to join us in the fight for families as a part of the fp365 ARMY and we are thrilled to have each member on board. Over the course of the past few months our army has grown in numbers and together we’ve made quite an impact with our social media presence. This is an exciting time. 

However, we are more than a social media movement; more than simply spreading awareness. 

We are action takers.

We are doers.

Introducing fp365 Community Leads

At fp365 we have laid crucial groundwork to educate and provide resources. It’s time to take fp365 to the next level and impact our communities directly. In order to put our words into action, we need representation in as many areas as possible. We need you. We are looking for bold, articulate leaders who are passionate about family preservation. We are looking for Community Leads who are willing to take initiative where they live (region, state, city, and/or county). 

Community Lead Responsibilities: 

      • Community representative/contact for fp365
      • Organize family preservation focused outreaches locally 
      • Pool resources for families in need
      • Research/vet local organizations to determine if they’re family preservation centric and share fp365’s mission and values
      • Provide fellow army members with names of pro family preservation organizations, outreaches, and ways to get involved
      • Actively participate and engage with fp365 on social media (sharing, tagging, etc.)
      • Be fully committed to working with fp365 to spearhead education and share resources in order to prevent the unnecessary separation of families
      • Communicate with fp365 admin

Are you ready? Let’s go. 

Contact us at and provide us with your location and the reason(s) you’d like to step up as a Community Lead. Once we move forward, we will require a brief bio and image which we will share at fp365 and on our social media outlets.

We will work together. 

We will make a difference. 

We will preserve families.

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