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Education is key as we work to do our part in keeping families together. We are up against decades of silencing those who are most affected by family separation and a multi billion dollar industry based on deceit and coercion.

Our three educational resources share directly from those who live with family separation. In order to fully understand the importance of keeping families intact, we need to hear from those who have lived the alternative.

Let us approach these resources with a “Just Listen” mentality and use what we learn as tools for family preservation.


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DearAdoption.com is a platform for adoptees promoting authenticity and educating others by sharing a vast array of experiences as lived by those most affected by adoption.


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Sincerely, is a place for natural family members to share their experiences with adoption. While Sincerely, believes the dominant voice in adoption must be those of adopted people, their natural family members are a part of that story.


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P.S. features letters written by those in reunion: those once separated by adoption. While society loves a reunion story, often the stories shared publicly capture just the beginning of a challenging journey.

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