Global Preservation and Community

Global Preservation

A question we often hear in family preservation advocacy is, “But, what about the orphans?”. 80% of all children living in institutionalized care have living family. These are families who have been separated due to poverty, desperation, and societal stigma. The best response we can give to this persistent question and concern is to direct people to organizations who are actively working to empower mothers and families so they remain together. While many have good intentions, it’s the absence of transparency which perpetuates families being separated. They don’t know. There are warriors in the trenches who are working tirelessly toward orphan prevention and family preservation. Please visit our site to view our list of global partners. These are organizations who have a like-minded, family preservation focus. We will be adding regularly to our growing list.

Global Family Preservation


One of fp365 three areas of focus is ‘building an army.’ Our purpose in forming an army is to grow a necessary presence within our communities. Family preservation efforts need to be as prevelant and commonplace as adoption; it should be the first response to a family in temporary crisis. As our army grows, you will be connected to others in your area.

We recently attended the Indiana Adoptee Network Conference. It was a great weekend filled with fantastic workshops and community. We left the conference feeling encouraged and motivated. We saw how much can be accomplished in advocacy when there is a clear, intentional purpose. We are dedicated to changing these cultural perceptions. We know there is power in numbers and together we will educate our society.

Our Global Army

If you’re interested in contributing a quote and/or image in line with our mission, to our army page, please send us an email /

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