Enlist in Our Global Army

In the fight for global family preservation we must join forces to provide resources for expectant families and educate society.

Together, as we build our army, we will create and infrastructure for families and limit separation for future generations.

Why join?

  • You want to minimize the unnecessary separation of families
  • You have been affected by family separation and know the depth of its grief
  • You’re willing to offer support to vulnerable, expectant families so they don’t apply a permanent solution to their temporary crisis

How to join?

  • Contact us directly and provide your name, city, state, and email address
  • Follow fp365 news by clicking the icon at the bottom of the page
  • Follow/Like our social media pages to receive updates

What happens next?

  • You’ll receive an email from fp365 admin welcoming you
  • You’ll begin to see posts here with ideas as to how you can infiltrate your community with supportive, creative solutions to keeping families together

Enlist in our global army; be a part of our family preservation movement. Let’s save families together.

Upcoming Posts:

  • Breakdown of the future of fp365’s strategy
  • How to build a family preservation army in your community
  • Additional ways to get involved on both a local and global level
  • Highlighting successful family preservation organizations


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